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Monthly Message, 09/05/2018.

After sometime of not posting these I have returned. I am starting to do these bi-monthy and see where these go. 
Since posting and updating you all there have been some major changes in Silver Command Management with Superintendent Piper taking up the rains of Territorial policing assisted by Chief Inspector Loake, and Detective Superintendent Gibbs taking the new role of officer commanding the portfolio of Crime and Operations Command which includes Taskforce and other support services in the community. Speaking of Taskforce there is a new command team with D/Inspector Hall taking over aided by D/Sergeants Shillito and Hallatt. Other promotions include Chief Inspector Middleton to Specialist Crime and Operations, Inspector Walters to TP, Inspector Wale to RTPC, A/Inspector Whitaker covering SCO19, and multiple new Sergeants to every division. This has been achieved through a more streamlined promotion process which allows anyone of a specific rank to apply for the next rank / band, congratulations to all of our new managers, and supervisors over the last six months.  
Human Resources have been recruited again which have seen 7 new members joining the team. The HR team are working harder than ever to process applications and interviews and despite the downtime of the summer months we are still seeing new applications coming through everyday, with sometimes two interviews happening at the same time, at peek times. We will shortly be recruiting new HR officers so members look out for this rewarding opportunity. New members, and applicants please be patient, we respond as quickly as possible to all applications, and process them as quickly as possible. To avoid speed bumps please give us as much information as possible, review the terms and conditions of entry as that could be the problem which delay your application. Honesty and being upfront generally does not stall your application and we are generally very understanding of circumstances.    
We have changed our Command and Control System to match the new methods of deployments. Although state codes are used by multiple forces and to an extent the Met Police, we have now phased out the state codes for a more upfront communication style more inline with current procedures to better role play the Met Police. Hopefully you will see these changes being gradually introduced through our media content provided by our members. Check out 'About us' and 'Our Media Team' for the latest videos from the various independently run channels by our members. We are also in the process of reviewing our current callsigns and deliberating how, when, and if we change our callsigns from the old school 'EK' to match the new BOCU (Borough Operational Command Unit) which the Met is introducing or 'Super Boroughs' as it is being referred to as, so watch this space.
New training is being introduced for Public Order with a two level system and training which should should see being rolled out shortly, and can watch in our videos with more house raids, and more public order policing being demonstrated by London's Calling keeping us the most professional and realistic British Policing Community out there - and what better city to police than London. The Proactive CID or Taskforce is on the cusp of being reorganized and provided with new training which is in the final stages of development, which should result in more professionally investigated and responded to murders, GBHs and other serious crime so watch out for that.                                                       

Have a good month.


Monthly Message, 25/08/2017.

This monthly message is joined with Septembers monthly message as I have been on two holidays this month and very busy (not to brag) but despite my absence the community has been very busy with new projects, recruitment and operations through the last month or so to report to you.

In the background out permanent Development Team have been working behind the scenes furiously developing the community a purpose built back office system, HR systems, and an ongoing community management system to make everyone's life easier except theirs as they will be admins probably cleaning up after me when I inevitably break it. Having seen previews and tasters of the new systems I am most impressed and proud with these members. Having known most of them for over two years or more in some cases it's great to see their development not just in the community terms but in their techie skills which they volunteer in pursuit of a better, more efficient community. The usual suspects are involved in this project and In an attempt to not show favouritism.... you know who you are and my thanks goes to you once again.

Taskforce have been busy this month with several operations targeting snatch and grab robbers, with moped enable crime and movement of vehicles being used in connection with serious crime. A big well done to all involved in the operations which has seen multiple seizures, arrests and experience to the officers involved. A big thank you again to the officers running the operations the last month, and to A/DS Hallatt for stepping up to conduct acting duties while lots of the staff were away on vacation. Taskforce has also recruited several new detectives to join the ranks and we welcome those new members and remind all that you can join Taskforce after becoming substantive in Territorial Policing (Response Team) and you can always come on a ride along with the division like all specialist divisions to get a idea of the role. 

The traffic and training department have been working hard recently to produce training for Pursuits and Pursuit commentary training to give our response and advance drivers the very best training to deal with any vehicle which attempts to stop for London's finest. This training allows drivers to better assess the circumstances of the pursuit and give directed commentary to the Control Room Duty Officer / Inspector to make this process as realist and possible. My thanks to Traffic Command and all trainers who have delivered this training.

This month sees the first ever direct recruitment by London's Calling Role Play Community for Resource Management which are the staff who attend as London Fire Brigade, London Ambulance Service and many more of the blue light services, support officers and other support roles to assist in calls and role playing. This new scheme allows new members of the community to join directly into this role and bring their life skills and knowledge; possibly in other agencies into the community to make us more realistic and transparent to everyday life. Please see the posts for more details and how you can get involved and apply for this new position with first class training!

Patrols are gradually getting bigger and bigger especially as we have had more members than ever joining the community this year than previous years and we still have another four months to go until the end of the year. With the holiday season drawing to a close we are sure to see increased numbers and increased operations going forward into the last quarter of the year.

Transfers have been open in the last month and lots of officers have had the opportunity to specialise so congratulations for the successful applicants going to their respective divisions. Transfers are now drawing to a close for the time being however they should be reopening in the coming weeks so watch this space.

Have a good month.


Monthly Message, 04/07/2017.

It's been a busy month for us here at London's Calling. We have devised a cunning plan (Baldric cunning) to allow a maximum of 48 members of the community to join our games of GTA V which has drawn a crowd of 40 and 42 officers in patrol on two of the days. This has required more work from our civilians and our dedicated control room staff however so far so good; the test has worked and we have rolled this out. The feedback has been really good with everyone saying that it appears far bushier now and it's nice to have so many people in a game going to different calls throughout the GTA 5. Little tweaks are required but we believe we have a winning formulae.

Operation Damson has been concluded with four high profile arrests. The first came when a vehicle was loaded with a substantial amount of class A drugs were recovered during an organised sting by Taskforce officers. £5000s worth of drugs were recovered. Shortly after working with Partners from NPAS and the Borough Support Unit 15 officers sweeped into the gangs complex in Camden and mass arrests were made of the gang members. All members of the gang have been arrested and all have been charged with Possession with intent to supply to central south England. This was a great result all around and my thanks for all involved. Taskforce officers now move swiftly onto Operation Winkle Targeting the increasing ram raid thefts on the borough and in London which should be more exhilarating than the last..... Stay tuned.

With the new demands on control Chief Inspector R.Piper has been working around the clock to ensure all members of the Met Central Communications Command are fully versed in the new procedures and providing new training. All of the team have been working really hard to support patrols and one of those members is DC Bye who has been commended this month for his dedication to the team.

We have some big news which I can only tell you a bit about at the moment. However as soon as I can all will be revealed. By popular request we are exploring the possibility that we may recruit new members into a dedicated resource management unit roleplaying London Ambulance Service, London Fire Brigade, Scenes of Crime, HEMS and much much more. The project team is expiring the best way to bring new people in and are in the process of developing the training and we will be publicising more details and recruitment very soon so watch out!

Have a good month.


Monthly Message, 03/06/2017.

In the last month we have seen the worst terrorist attack on UK soil since 7/7. This tragic and barbaric attack showed the inhuman, dastardly and cowardly act which a very small minority wish to out. Their acts will not succeed and we in London's Calling stand with Manchester. We held a one minute silence a week after this attack to show our support with the families and friends of the victims of this terrible attack. This horrible event shows how much we value the emergency services and the NHS, and despite the waiting times when you need the emergency services you will be hard pressed to find a more effective and professional service in the world and they are often taken for granted just how important they are!

It's the Holidays and warmer weather period again with lots of you taking exams or studying up for next year. Lots of you along with myself will be going abroad for a couple of weeks as will I in the late summer months. To remind all of the process - please inform your supervisor or line manager that you will be going on a leave of absence in advance then put a leave of absence form in on the LOA forum - and then don't boast where you are going as it may make me cry - especially Supt Curtiss who is our international and LOA Single Point of Contact (SPOC).Any issues please see any member of HR or Supt Curtiss.

Taskforce numbers have grown allowing us to do more covert follows and growing amount of operations. Operation Damson is still an active operation and with increasing Robberies and Ram Raid Robberies happening on the borough Taskforce is well in demand. Also after a consensus by officers the old 'VW' callsign is being replaced with 'SO' after popular demand for quite some time.

The Training department has had a large change this month with Training Sgt Wilkes deciding to move onto a new role within specialist policing. After being in Territorial Policing for nearly two years Sgt Wilkes has decided to hone his skills in another area of the business model. My thanks go to him after his long dedicated service being in TP with his various roles in the training department. Although he has decided to move on from the training Sgt position he assures me he will continue to help the new members and will still support the training department which he has had a big hand in developing during his service. It is my pleasure to announce that PC Sinclair from Roads Transport Policing Command is transferring to Territorial Policing as the new Training Sergeant. Sgt Sinclair has had a hand in the training department throughout nearly all of his service and recently has been one of our most active trainers specialising in civilian and driver training. He takes over as the new training Sgt and I wish him and Wilkes the best of luck in their new respective roles.

Last month and into this month we have been in the process of developing a new pack for GTA 4. Supt Downham has been leading this effort to get a new variety of cars within our GTA 4 pack. Testing is ongoing and we should have a new pack in the coming weeks for all to drool over! We are also in the process of Recruiting new Human Resources officers due to the demand on the team with loads of new applications coming in. We are looking for three people to join the team and so applicants should hear back in the coming days. If you have any questions in regards to Human Resources or when we are next recruiting please see myself or Chief Inspector Middleton or Detective Inspector Gibbs.

PC Wheeler aka 'the old sweat' has been made the Civilians Manager by myself and will be looking after all of our Civilians. He is very experienced and cares deeply for the role playing and developing our current member’s abilities. This appointment will only improve our civilians and civilian supervisors and highlight good work of members in this vital area of the Community.

Many congratulations to come long time members who have reached impressive length of services: D/Commissioner L.Everett has hit his three years with London's Calling and asking himself "where did it all go wrong" and Inspector Irvine has completed his first year in London's Calling and likes to think he is a 'old sweat' and ''old school'. Congratulations to all who have recently have LC Anniversaries.

Have a good month.


[PC] J.Wilkes Well, Looks like I am back...

The decision from Gold Command is that there will be no patrol today. Obviously lots of families have been affected and we suspect lots of young people have been injured or killed as a result in this barbaric attack. Therefore patrol will not be going ahead and I would advise all people to spend their time with their families as they are so important.

Our hearts go out to the victims, the injured, the family and friends, and those caught up in the dreadful events which occurred in Manchester last night. We deplore this act of terrorism; and our prayers go out to all that are affected and we think of the emergency services who went towards the incident to help the injured.

There will be no patrol tonight to show our support and solidarity in relation to this incident; and that we stand with all in Manchester!